Seija Samoylenko has been "riding" since she was a toddler. Her family owns and operates Eleazer Davis Farm, a multi-discipline boarding facility near Boston. Seija always rode and enjoyed horses, but wasn't sure she would continue with riding after she entered high school. To the contrary, Seija discovered how important equestrian sports were to her and decided to pursue the sport of eventing competitively. 

Nancy Johnson a fellow competitor, generously offered her experienced partner, Canequin's Leatherstocking (Natty) to Seija, and Seija got much needed miles at Training Level. Seija and Natty finished their time together at the American Eventing Championships in 2011. Seija progressed to the Preliminary Level with her mare, Black Russian (Roxanne). Seija has gained experience and many competitive miles at the Preliminary Level--the gateway to the upper levels of eventing. 



Photo by David Dinisco

Photo by Brant Gamma

Black Russian 

'Roxanne' was Seija's first ride after a Morgan horse and at the time, she had her sights on a large, bay, thoroughbred...gelding. Instead Roxy is a small, black...mare (yikes). Since 2011, Roxy has taught Seija so much. After many years at the Preliminary Level and finishing Top-10 in the Virginia International CCI* last fall, they will focus on moving up to the Intermediate/CIC** Level in 2017. 

Photo by Brian Wilcox

Forte EDF

'Stewie' is a homebred out of Seija's pony club mare, Big D Dardanella, and For Play (For Pleasure/Accord II). After getting started by Roddy Strang, Stewie has been Seija's first crack at training a young horse from scratch. They're planning to start at the Novice Level in 2017 and focus their attention specifically on the YEH-5 classes. 

Opption EDF

'Eddie' is a homebred, out of another homebred, Teruko EDF (Rosevale Leggo/Maronjo) by Fleetwater Opposition (Muschamp Danube/Pika 63). So, he is a third generation! His 'grandmother' is still competing Grand Prix dressage at 22, and his sire competed Grand Prix dressage as well as FEI eventing. Eddie is currently growing much larger than Seija would like and will do lots of hacking and field trips this summer. 



Seija is a member of Southern California Equestrian Sport (SCES). By supporting Seija through SCES a 501(c)3, tax exempt, non-profit public foundation your contribution is tax deductible. SCES is committed to developing equestrian competitors at the national and international level. Download the sponsor information flyer for more information or donate via PayPal below. 


Seija is seeking partnership with brands that provide the best quality possible products for horse and rider. She knows that the generous support of sponsors is how the dreams for riders like her come true. She also understands sponsorship is a two way street; Seija will work hard to be a positive ambassador for your brand and make sure your business gets a return on investment for supporting her. Download her sponsorship packet for more information.


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